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about us

A Revolution is Underway

This facility is the start of a revolution in the automobile industry. Gone are the days when you had to wait for several hours or days to get your car washed and detailed. Now, just reach our facility and begin washing and detailing your car at your own pace using the best ingredients and equipment.

Our experience

Who Are We?

Well, we are the start of something new. Our vision is to create a facility where our customers can just check in with their cars and wash their vehicles at their leisure. We would only provide the space, ingredients, equipment, and any kind of support that they might need.

Trusting someone with our car can be tough sometimes. This is especially true if we like to do things a certain way. At our facility, we do not interfere at all with how you want to go about detailing your car. Since, buying the costly ingredients that are needed to provide that finishing touch to a car can be expensive, we will provide that at attractive and affordable prices. In fact, we aim to make the entire experience as pocket-friendly as possible.

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Our services

The most advanced car wash Experience

Get an unparalleled experience at our facility. Take the reins of car detailing yourself. We are here to help in any way we can.

Check-in your car

You need to check in your vehicle at our facility to start the whole process.

Start the whole process

You need to start the whole process by gathering the tools and equipment from our facility.

Premium Materials

We only provide the most premium materials that guarantee the best car wash experience.

Best-in-class equipment

Try our state-of-the-art equipment that would help you get the best results for your car.

Specialized Chemicals

Detailing requires costly chemicals. We provide them to you at affordable rates.

Begin the detailing process

You can now start detailing your car as per your requirements.


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